“Whole Damn Thing” – Chuck Wicks

I don’t want to make this entire blog about songs that I think will be big hits on the radio…you’re going to hear about those anyway….and not every great song makes it to the top of the chart.

I want to just put this little gem out there for you…

Chuck Wicks has released what appears to be a sixth single from his independently released Turning Point record. (Which peaked at No. 12 on the Top Country Albums chart about year ago.)

I know my opening line here insinuated that I thought this wouldn’t be a commercial hit. On one hand, I feel as though this could be Wicks’ return to the radio and on the other hand, it may get lost in the noise as his previous releases have done. Wicks’ last Top 40 song was “Man of the House” in 2009.

Hitting No. 1 doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great song and failing to chart doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad song. So, take a break from the mainstream side of things for a moment and enjoy this country-ballad.

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