“What Ifs” – Kane Brown (Feat. Lauren Alaina)

Out of all the up and coming country stars, I think I’m most excited for the career of Kane Brown.

I somehow stumbled upon Brown on social media a few years ago. His single, “Used To Love You Sober” was getting some airplay and it caught my attention. I wasn’t sure how Brown would fit in country music. The more I saw his posts, the more I thought we’re looking at the next big thing in country music. 

The next generation Luke Bryan / Jason Aldean at least.


Brown’s following-up to his 2016 Top 30 hit, “Thunder In The Rain,” with his collaboration, with fellow country singer-songwriter Lauren Alaina. The song called, “What Ifs,” is scheduled to hit radio this week.

I recall Brown teasing this song on social media, last year, prior to the album’s release. It was one of the two songs he teased that really got me hooked and paying attention for that debut record.

Produced by Dann Huff and written by Brown, Matthew McGinn and Jordan Schmidt, “What If’s,” so far, has peaked at No. 37 on the Hot Country Songs Chart upon the album’s release.

The song’s storyline centers around the questioning stages of a relationship. Tensions are high, changes are coming. On one hand, you have the person with doubts and memories of experiences that went too far. On the other hand, you have the person that’s reassuring the risk is worth the reward.

I call this a collaboration over a duet because Lauren Alaina’s vocals are, for the most part, in the background. The effect of her voice on the song brings a fuller, more powerful, sound.

Brown’s self-titled debut record is one of my favorite debuts in a long time. Give it a listen. This guy is going to be at the top.

The album’s lead single, Thunder In The Rain,” peaked at 43 on the Airplay chart and 30 on the US Country chart. (His second single to find radio airplay, after his 2015 single “Used To Love You Sober.”)

Brown’s self-titled debut album peaked at #1 upon it’s release in December.

Check out the video below for Kane Brown’s new single, “What Ifs,” featuring Lauren Alaina.


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