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Happy New Year! I’ve been looking forward to capping 2016 for awhile now. The remaining months, of last year, were  spent capping the ends on many projects that I’ve been neglecting for a some time. I’m sure you can relate to those times when life just gets in the way and you’ve got to prioritize your projects a bit.

I’ve always looked forward to continuing RL On The Record beyond my college years and with this new site completed, I look forward to having more time to contribute to this blog.

Here’s to another great year for country music! I know we’re already anticipating the fourth studio album from Brantley Gilbert called, The Devil Don’t Sleep and Lauren Alaina’s Road Less Traveled at the end of this month.

Early next month we’ll see the debut release from Brett Young and he’ll release a follow-up single to “Sleep Without You” in the next couple of weeks. The end of next month will see the release of Little Big Town’s next studio project titled, The Breaker.

We’re also anticipating a new record from Brad Paisley and the debut release from RaeLynn later this year.

Not sure if it’s going to radio or just a promotional release, but the first surprise of the new year comes from Sam Hunt. He released the very personal track “Drinkin’ Too Much” on New Year’s Day.

This track marks the first time Hunt directly addresses his on-again-off-again girlfriend Hannah-Lee Fowler. She is apparently much of his inspiration for his debut album Montevallo and according to a recent report from The Boot, the two are currently engaged.

I, personally, love this new track from Sam Hunt. It’s the story of being on top of your game, on the top of the world. Yet, there is still something (or someone) that’s missing from all the action. Which in turn leads to falling on that vice a little bit more to fill the void.

Throughout the song, Hunt apologizes for the naming of the record and the unwanted attention that came to Fowler through Hunt’s fame and success.

“Strangers hit you up on social media / I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio / And drive out to the place we used to get peaches down in Pelham / I know you want your privacy / And you’ve got nothing to say to me / But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans / With these songs you gave to me.”

This song isn’t only an exciting surprise release from Hunt, it’s also the first single release that’s not from his Montevallo album. (Which was released in 2014.) I would anticipate a possible album release (and more exciting things from Sam Hunt) later on this year.

Sooo, If I don’t stop now, I’ll just continue to ramble on about all things country music and I should probably leave something to talk about later on this week. (Like the new tune from Kenny Chesney.)

This weekend, we’re featuring the new single from Rascal Flatts in our new music spotlight on Boot Scootin’ Saturday Night on Froggy 100.9. Tune in to hear the fresh new track titled, “Yours If You Want It.”

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