So I’m going to give this blogging world a whirl. Actually, I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for some time now. The thing is, I just haven’t found that perfect topic for me to focus on and write about.

Anyone who knows me knows I love music. It’s been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Eventually I grew up and found a place in radio. For nearly five years now, I’ve been djing on a country station (Froggy 100.9) and a classic-hits station (107.1 Frank-FM). The idea to do a blog with music reviews actually came up a couple of years ago. The thing is, we’ve been so tied up in everything we do, we just hadn’t found the time to do it.

So I go and take a course in web writing and what do you know? The course requires us to maintain a blog. I’m thinking of ideas and trying to pinpoint something I’d be interested in sustaining. Trying to perfect this music blog idea so that it isn’t just another review blog making noise. All these different ideas and questions popping into my head. Trying to look at things on a broader level. If I’m going to do this, I want to tie into something that I’m already doing.

Then it hit me. The idea had been in front of my face all along.

When I began hosting “Boot Scootin’ Saturday Night,” the one thing I wanted to highlight in the show each week was a brand new song that hadn’t been played yet on Froggy 100.9. Something new and fresh to break us apart from the norm. A feature that we continue every week nearly four years into the show.

Here, I’ll be digging a bit deeper into those tunes.

I love new music. I’m always searching around for something new and fresh. I don’t always get to play some of the great songs I hear. You know, the album cuts and those gold nuggets you find from your favorite artists. You never know what’s going to pop up here; from single reviews to full on album reviews. I’ll be sure to give you the scoop and keep you tuned in to the country world around you.

Oh. Did I mention I’m a huge fan of live shows? I mean, what kind of country music fan isn’t? On The Record will feature some of that too. You know, it’s a really busy time of year. A lot of country acts are releasing their summer tour plans. Which means, there’s a lot to talk about already.

I Better get on it…


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