“My Old Man” – Zac Brown Band

I had to double up on the new music for this week’s Boot Scootin’ Saturday Night. I find myself doing this more and more lately. (Especially since I’ve been paying more attention to this blog.) There are just so many new releases, that are destine to be big hits, and I want to get them all to your ears. I’m trying.

This week’s double feature is complimented by the new release from the Zac Brown Band called, “My Old Man.” It’s the lead single from their forthcoming album, Welcome Home.

With this single, the Zac Brown Band does what they do best. It’s a simple, pure, and honest acoustic tune that pays homage to the father. I say, “the father” because it’s such an easily relatable song for the millions of fathers out there. I bet the band was thinking not only of their fathers, but their own kids as well.

This song guaranteed to be another timeless smash for the group. I could even see this being the biggest father-daughter dance song at weddings across the country for the foreseeable future.

“My Old Man” will also be the perfect compliment to the ZBB’s stripped down portion of their live show. It’ll be the moment of the night where you’ll zone out to the music and take a look at the larger picture of life.

I like how the band has experimented with their sound in the past, but I’m especially excited to hear what they’ve worked on in the studio since their last project. I get the feeling Welcome Home will not only have some major radio hits, but it’ll also have some treasured album cuts.

The album is set to be released on May 12 and will be supported by a national tour that includes a few stops here in the New England region.

Here’s a tease for the upcoming album:

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