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Truthfully, I think Brett Young is about to become one of my favorite artists. I didn’t come to that conclusion about a year ago when he released his debut self-titled EP. It wasn’t even his first No. 1 that sparked my interest. It was his debut record, and all the press he’s been doing along with its release, that has sparked my support for Young.

After unintentionally co-writing 11 of this 12 song project, he tell’s Gayle Thompson of The Boot, “This record is as clear a of a picture of me as I can make with 12 songs – a lot of the heartbreak that I’ve been through my life is in there, and a lot of the happiest, best things that have happened to me in my life is in there.”

After listening to the collection, there were a few standout tracks that I really enjoyed. “In Case You Didn’t Know” (The album’s second single.) and “You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me” made the biggest impressions on me. “Memory Won’t Let Me,” “Back On the Wagon,” “Mercy,” and “Left Side of Leavin” are some other great tracks from this project.

I could see “Makin’ Me Say” being a single in the late-summertime. It could possibly earn Young his second (or third) No. 1. The song, “Olivia Mae” deserves a shout out as well, it’s seems to be a fairly personal track to Young that he nails with perfection. The complete track listing includes:

1.Sleep Without You

2.Close Enough

3.Like I Loved You

4.In Case You Didn’t Know

5.Olivia Mae

6.Left Side Of Leavin’

7.You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me

8.Back on the Wagon

9.Making Me Say

10.Memory Won’t Let Me

11.Beautiful Believer


I couldn’t pin point one singer that Young resembles. A good thing I suppose. (Giving him an unique enough voice to be recognizable and stand-out in country radio.) In my head, I kept going back to the debut release of Kris Allen from 2009. Young tells Rolling Stone Country that one of his “chief influences” is Gavin Degraw. Thinking back, I guess it’s not that far of a stretch to hear a slight degree of Degraw’s influence in Young’s album.

Set to hit the road this spring with Lady Antebellum on their You Look Good Tour, Young looks back at his experience on the road last year with Brad Paisley as fuel for strong motivation going forward. He tells Thompson, “I realized that we have to have really high expectations of ourselves to ever be like Brad and his team, but those are my expectations.”

As Laura Hostelly of Sounds Like Nashville puts it, “Young plays the good-guy card in every cut, straying away from the ‘bro-country’ trend, to mark his own genuine path by not being afraid to be vulnerable in matters of the heart.”

Young is a California native who’s baseball career was cut short after an elbow injury at Fresno State University. He turned his attention back to music and released a few EP’s before being signed to Big Machine Records in the fall of 2015. His debut single, “Sleep Without You” earned him a No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Check out Brett Young here.

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