Randy Laprade

I’ve always been the person whose looked at this world through a different eye. I knew I was different. Nobody else ever cared about what was happening on TV or the backstory behind the new song on the radio. But ever since I can remember I’ve had a fascination with the media (from television, to music, to written work and beyond.) If I can get my hands on it, my eyes and ears tuned in, I want to immerse myself in it. Maybe it’s the respect I have for other artists and their passion to have their story heard. It could be the patriot inside of me that reminds me to never take our first amendment freedoms for granted.

I best describe my childhood as viewed through the lenses of many of those cheap disposable cameras. I could spend hours combing through boxes and boxes of old shots printed by the one-hour photo shop down the road from where I live. There’s always been that creative spark in me. A desire to tell a story. A desire to share a story. In one form or another, everyone has a story to be told. That’s the magic of the media, whether it’s a physical or emotional connection, there’s the power to bring people together.






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